Portrait of the Writer as a Novice Blogger

Hello, I’m Kelsea! I’m a (nearly) 25-year old white queer hailing currently from so-called Ontario, Canada. My gender is… Complicated. Not a girl, not so sure I’ll ever be a woman, as Britney would say. If you’re into astrology (I am), I’m an Aries sun with a Libra moon, Leo rising, which basically means I’m a passionate hedonist with a penchant for drama and a need to overthink everything (all true, hence this blog).

Why a blog? When it comes down to it, I was looking for an environment removed from corporate control, where I could create a space that allowed for nuance, that delved into activism through conversation and not call-outs. A place that embraced cognitive dissonance- the personal and the political, idealism and realism. And simply a place to share things I love and discover what other people love!

What can you expect? I can imagine this blog will be a veritable hodgepodge of posts, akin to a magpie’s nest. Personal speculations, societal exploration, book and music and art discussion, playlists, collages, poetry… It’s all here! I hope you join me!

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