K (“Kay”) is a writer, editor, and creator currently based out of so-called Ontario, Canada.

Creatively, they are interested in work that traverses genres and plays with form. They are currently completing their first fiction manuscript.

K’s writing promotes mindfulness and slow, nuanced takes. They were born under a full moon, which means as an Aries sun and Libra moon, they are able to balance their passion and drive with a compassionate objectivity.

Their work generally explores queerness and gender, healing from trauma, radical love, nature and sustainability, intersectional activism, and spirituality.

K previously worked as assistant manager in a bookstore for close to five years, which gave them firsthand insight into the book world and what publishers and readers are looking for. They hope to balance the playing field a little bit through their editing services, which are deliberately priced accessibly with further sliding scale and payment plan options available.

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