Manuscript Editing

I offer line editing and proofreading services at accessible rates. I specialise in queer contemporary and romance, speculative, sci-fi, and fantasy works, but am happy to work with you no matter your project.

Copy editing, or line editing, is line-by-line editing to ensure not only that all spelling, grammar, and capitalisation issues are correct, but also to ensure that your story has a consistent style and flows smoothly. Proofreading is the final step before publication, and involves a final eagle-eyed review of the text to catch any last minute spelling, grammar, and formatting issues. I am always happy to offer my honest feedback on a piece if requested and have been told I have a particular talent for catching plot holes.

It is difficult to give a confident estimate of the cost without first discussing/ viewing the project and knowing the timeframe. My average fee is generally around $5 per 1,000 words- so a 60,000 word project would be $300. Again, this can vary immensely, so your best bet is to reach out for a quote. We can work together to find a price and plan that works for you.

Other Editing Services

I am available to edit a wide array of work, including but not limited to essays, poetry, blog posts, website content, newsletters, query and cover letters, social media captions, and more. I charge a flat rate of $40 for works under 5,000 words with a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time.


I write mainly in the fields of mindfulness, self-empowerment, activism, sustainability, and queer identity. I am additionally available for astrology or tarot content.

I have extensive experience in writing newsletters, web content, author bios, summaries and synopses, query and cover letters, social media content and more! Contact for samples and rates.

Virtual Assistant

Have too much to do and too little time available? I am available to virtually assist you and have experience in:

  • social media engagement
  • research & fact checking
  • video editing & transcribing
  • managing emails
  • creating newsletters
  • creating online courses
  • formatting your manuscript
  • contacting readers and bloggers
  • basic web hosting
  • anything else you need!

Why Work With Me?

  • Anti-oppressive business: As a queer-owned business, I understand the importance of creating a safe, inclusive, and accessible space. I prioritise a practice that is actively anti racism, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, and transphobia.
  • Accessible pricing: Editing is a key step whether you are going the traditional publishing or self-publishing route, but for many, it requires a major investment that they cannot afford. I work together with you to find a rate and payment plan that will work with your life and income.
  • Peace of mind: It can be frightening to give up your darling to someone you don’t know! That is why I offer a free 30 minute consult and/ or a free 1,000 word sample for works over 15,000 words. Upon going into business together, we will sign a contract that assures you that your work will be completed within the timeframe agreed upon, as well as an NDA so that you know your work is in safe hands.

Email me today to get started!